Public Works

Accounting & Collection

Deeann Zimmerman

(409) 385-2863

This department is responsible for recording and summarizing all financial transactions and reporting the results to City management. These duties include payroll processing, fixed asset management, all payment processing and production of all monthly financial statements. It is also the responsibility of this department for all data processing.

Administration and Engineering

Public Works Director
Roger Martin

(409) 385-2863

Tammy Kirkindall

(409) 385-3535

This Department provides for the administration/supervision of the Street, Sanitation Building, Parks and Recreation, Animal Control, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Water and Wastewater Departments of the city. Also included is the participation on local and regional planning committee issues, recommendations for needed traffic control and involvement in other transportation related problems, and environmental issues. This department also oversees and monitors the engineering operations of the City.

Parks and Recreation Building Maintenance

Thomas Lacy
(409) 385-3535


Park pavilions are available for the public to reserve. Click below for a complete list of fees and guidelines:
Park Guidelines and Fees


Piney Woods Sanitation

2568 FM 92
Silsbee, TX 77656

Piney Woods Sanitation runs the convenient Collection Station on Hwy. 418 (at the old landfill site) where ALL OF HARDIN COUNTY RESIDENTS can haul trash off and put it in  roll off Container(s). The solid waste is transported to a permitted landfill site and disposed.

Street and Drainage

Jerry Yarbrough
(409) 385-3535

The Street Department maintains paved and unpaved streets, alleys, drainage ways, traffic control signs and information signs. Also, responsible for the construction or reconstruction of City streets and storm drains, ditches and culvert systems.

Wastewater Department

Joe Moffitt
(409) 385-3535
This department is responsible for the Collection of Wastewater and the delivery to the Treatment Plant(s), and the Operation of all Wastewater Lift Stations, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. This Department also installs and maintains Sewer Taps, Manholes, and Sewer Mains and Low Pressure Systems.

Water Department

Russell Hutto

(409) 385-3535

This Department is responsible for the safe delivery of potable water that is pumped from three groundwater wells and distributed through water mains, meters and customer services. This Department installs water taps, and repairs services and water mains, and sets fire hydrants, and pumps, and stores water per customer needs and regulatory requirements.