Fire Department

Chief Robbie Jones
(409) 673-6717

The mission of the Silsbee Volunteer Fire Department shall be the protection of life and the preservation of property from and during such fires and emergencies that may occur in the City of Silsbee. This is accomplished through the training of our members in the latest and most proven methods of fire suppression and handling of other disasters that may occur.

The Silsbee Volunteer Fire Department has a membership of 40 active firemen consisting of a fire chief, an assistant fire chief, two deputy chiefs, seven captains and twenty-nine firefighters. A junior fire department consisting of a maximum of fifteen sophomore, junior and senior high school students also exists. A list of contributing members that cannot meet the membership requirements but volunteer to help when needed is held. Fire department activity includes fire suppression, vehicle extrication, rescue (water, high angle, confined space, heavy), hazardous material spill response and control, maintaining fire response records, firefighter training and safety and the maintenance of records for the state, fire station and equipment maintenance, coordination and planning with area fire departments for mutual aid for any of the above mentioned emergency response.

To protect the lives and the property of the citizens of Silsbee from damage or loss due to a mishap from fire, flood, explosives, hazardous materials accidents and other forms of mishaps.


1. To maintain firefighters readiness through proper training programs

2. To maintain equipment and personnel so far as to respond quickly and provide quality service whether the incident is a fire or other emergency or public service,

3. To acquire the latest information and training on haz-mat response and public safety,

4. To strategically locate and acquire sites for new stations and equipment