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City Services - Police Department

Chief: Mark Davis

Assistant Chief: Shawn Blackwell

Secretary: Jamie Plaunty

(409) 385-3714

Mission Statement
The function of the City of Silsbee Police Department involves grave responsibility for the enforcement of the law but most importantly for the protection of life and property. In the discharge of this enormous trust, we must realize that all operations are in the superlative interest of public safety and welfare, and further, that we, as peace officers, have had bestowed upon us certain legal powers not possessed by the private citizen. Therefore, it is imperative that the objectives of this department be achieved in a manner to inspire the confidence and respect of the community.


1. Let common sense guide your judgment and courtesy control your actions at all times.

2. Be ready to serve the public interest staunchly and fearlessly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Strive diligently to free the innocent as well as to convict the guilty. Justice, not Punishment, is the goal of law enforcement.

4. Avoid temptation to seek personal advantage from the knowledge and stature gained through your position.

5. Honor-- don't abuse-- your badge; the rights of individuals are precious possessions.

6. Uphold the reputation of your organization; Public respect--earned over the years by dedicated law enforcement work-- can be shattered by one act of misconduct.

7. Beware of favoritism. Wealth, race, creed, and influence have no place on the scales of justice.

8. Learn more - serve better: Grow with your profession by acquiring new skills and techniques in the modern law enforcement field.

9. Act always as a model to youth - a source of friendship and a modern example of old fashioned integrity.

10. Properly prepare your body, mind and conscience to discharge your responsibilities, and then do your best in the services of Community, Country, and God.

11. Adhere to the Peace Officer's Code of Ethics.

The Silsbee Police Department is presently structured with sixteen full time police officers. This consists of the Chief, Lieutenant, four Sergeants, one Corporal Investigator, eight patrol officers and one Investigator/K-9 officer. The department operates a 24-hour dispatch/call take center. In the dispatch office, we employ four full-time and three part time dispatchers. The call take center takes all incoming calls to the police department, all 911 calls and dispatches the Silsbee fire department. The department also employees one full time administrative secretary..

The main future goal of the Silsbee Police Department is to work diligently to provide the community excellent quality of law enforcement. Projected goals in this effort would decrease crime and make our community a safer place to live. Constant street patrol is mandatory along with the aggressive enforcement of illegal drug use and sales in our community. We are and will continue to take advantage of every opportunity to apply for grants to purchase the newest equipment for the department.


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